We have put together a list of words that are similar to SMITHEREENS.

7 Alternative Words Similar to smithereens

1 Accumulation Noun      Synonym Words Like Accumulation
2 Aggregation Noun      Synonym Words Like Aggregation
3 Assemblage Noun      Synonym Words Like Assemblage
4 Collection Noun      Synonym Words Like Collection
5 Fragments Noun-plural      Synonym
6 Atoms Noun-plural      Synonym
7 Smithers Noun-plural      Synonym

3 examples of smithereens

1 his hopes were dashed to smithereens
2 I wanted to smash him to smithereens
3 the toilet bowl ws blown to smithereens

5 definitions of smithereens

1 Fragments; atoms; smithers.
2 a collection of small fragments considered as a whole
3 Informal Fragments or splintered pieces; bits: The fragile dish broke into smithereens.
4 Small fragments.
5 Fragments or splintered pieces; numerous tiny disconnected items.
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