Words Like SMOKY

We have put together a list of words that are similar to SMOKY.

3 Alternative Words Similar to smoky

1 Blackened Adjective      Similar Words Like Blackened
2 Tasty Adjective      Similar Words Like Tasty
3 Thick Adjective      Synonym Words Like Thick

8 examples of smoky

1 smoky fires
2 a smoky fog
3 a smoky atmosphere
4 a smoky house
5 smoky rafters; smoky cells.
6 smoky chimneys
7 a smoky fireplace
8 a smoky corridor

10 definitions of smoky

1 Emitting smoke, esp. in large quantities or in an offensive manner; fumid.
2 Having the appearance or nature of smoke.
3 Filled with smoke, or with a vapor resembling smoke; thick.
4 Subject to be filled with smoke from chimneys or fireplace.
5 Tarnished with smoke; noisome with smoke
6 Suspicious; open to suspicion.
7 tasting of smoke
8 marked by or emitting or filled with smoke
9 Emitting smoke in profuse volume: a smoky stove.
10 Mixed or filled with smoke: smoky corridors.
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