We have put together a list of words that are similar to THEOGONY.

5 Alternative Words Similar to theogony

1 Bailiwick Noun      Synonym Words Like Bailiwick
2 Discipline Noun      Synonym Words Like Discipline
3 Field Noun      Synonym Words Like Field
4 Study Noun      Synonym Words Like Study
5 Subject Noun      Synonym Words Like Subject

1 examples of theogony

1 the Theogony of Hesiod

5 definitions of theogony

1 The generation or genealogy of the gods; that branch of heathen theology which deals with the origin and descent of the deities; also, a poem treating of such genealogies.
2 the study of the origins and genealogy of the gods
3 An account of the origin and genealogy of the gods.
4 That branch of non-Christian theology which teaches the genealogy or origin of the deities; in a particular sense, one of a class of poems which treat of the generation and descent of the gods: as, the ancient Greek theogony of Hesiod.
5 The origination of gods or a narrative describing the origin of gods.
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