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3 Alternative Words Similar to theorem

1 Idea Noun      Synonym Words Like Idea
2 Proposition Noun      Synonym Words Like Proposition
3 Thought Noun      Synonym Words Like Thought

10 definitions of theorem

1 A universal demonstrable proposition.
2 In geometry, a demonstrable theoretical proposition.
3 The proposition that the velocity of a liquid flowing from a reservoir is equal to what it would have if it were to fall freely from the level in the reservoir; or, more generally, if p is the pressure, p the density, V the potential of the forces, q the resultant velocity, A a certain quantity constant along a streamline, then
4 given by Daniel Bernoulli (1700–82) in 1738.
5 The generalized multiplication theorem of determinants (1812).
6 given by the eminent English mathematician George Boole (1815–64).
7 The proposition that in the impact of inelastic bodies vis viva is always lost.
8 The proposition that in explosions vis viva is always gained. These theorems are all due to the eminent mathematician General L. N. M. Carnot (1753–1823), who published in 1803 and and in 1786.
9 The proposition that the ratio of the maximum mechanical effect to the whole heat expended in an expansive engine is a function solely of the two temperatures at which the heat is received and emitted: given in 1824 by Sadi Carnot (1796–1832): often called Carnot's principle.
10 given by John Casey in 1866.
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