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1 Cause Noun      Synonym Words Like Cause

10 definitions of theurgy

1 The working of some divine or supernatural agency in humau affairs; a producing of effects by supernatural means; effects or phenomena brought about among men by spiritual agency.
2 A system of supernatural knowledge or powers believed by the Egyptian Platonists and others to have been communicated to mankind by the beneficent deities, and to have been handed down from generation to generation traditionally by the priests.
3 The art of invoking deities or spirits, or by their intervention conjuring up visions, interpreting dreams, prophesying, receiving and explaining oracles, etc.; the supposed power of obtaining from the gods, by means of certain observances, words, symbols, etc., a knowledge of the secrets which surpass the powers of reason—a power claimed by the priesthood of most pagan religions.
4 In mod. magic, the pretended production of effects by supernatural agency, as contradistinguished from natural magic.
5 A supernatural intervention in human affairs.
6 The performance of miracles.
7 The technique of persuading a god; the procuring of miracles by such persuasion.
8 Theogony.
9 white magic performed with the help of beneficent spirits (as formerly practiced by Neoplatonists)
10 the effect of supernatural or divine intervention in human affairs
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