Words Like THIRD

We have put together a list of words that are similar to THIRD.

9 Alternative Words Similar to third

1 3rd Adjective      Synonym Words Like 3rd
2 Tertiary Adjective      Synonym Words Like Tertiary
3 Fractional Adjective      Similar Words Like Fractional
4 Ordinal Adjective      Similar Words Like Ordinal
5 Base Noun      Synonym Words Like Base
6 Gear Noun      Synonym Words Like Gear
7 Interval Noun      Synonym Words Like Interval
8 Position Noun      Synonym Words Like Position
9 Rank Noun      Synonym Words Like Rank

3 examples of third

1 the third hour in the day
2 the third part of a day
3 he answered the first question willingly, the second reluctantly, and the third with resentment

10 definitions of third

1 Next after the second; coming after two others; -- the ordinal of three.
2 Constituting or being one of three equal parts into which anything is divided.
3 The quotient of a unit divided by three; one of three equal parts into which anything is divided.
4 The sixtieth part of a second of time.
5 The third tone of the scale; the mediant.
6 The third part of the estate of a deceased husband, which, by some local laws, the widow is entitled to enjoy during her life.
7 following the second position in an ordering or series
8 the base that must be touched third by a base runner in baseball
9 one of three equal parts of a divisible whole
10 coming next after the second and just before the fourth in position
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