We have put together a list of words that are similar to THOROUGHBRED.

20 Alternative Words Similar to thoroughbred

1 Pedigreed Adjective      Synonym Words Like Pedigreed
2 Pureblood Adjective      Synonym Words Like Pureblood
3 Pureblooded Adjective      Synonym Words Like Pureblooded
4 Pedigree Adjective      Synonym Words Like Pedigree
5 Purebred Adjective      Similar Words Like Purebred
6 Adult Noun      Synonym Words Like Adult
7 Animal Noun      Synonym Words Like Animal
8 Bangtail Noun      Synonym Words Like Bangtail
9 Beast Noun      Synonym Words Like Beast
10 Brute Noun      Synonym Words Like Brute
11 Creature Noun      Synonym Words Like Creature
12 Fauna Noun      Synonym Words Like Fauna
13 Grownup Noun      Synonym Words Like Grownup
14 Racehorse Noun      Synonym Words Like Racehorse
15 Courageous Adjective      Synonym Words Like Courageous
16 Whirlaway Noun      Hyponym Words Like Whirlaway
17 Citation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Citation
18 Secretariat Noun      Hyponym Words Like Secretariat
19 Assault Noun      Hyponym Words Like Assault
20 Affirmed Noun      Hyponym Words Like Affirmed

10 definitions of thoroughbred

1 Bred from the best blood through a long line; pure-blooded; -- said of stock, as horses. Hence, having the characteristics of such breeding; mettlesome; courageous; of elegant form, or the like.
2 a well-bred person
3 a racehorse belonging to a breed that originated from a cross between Arabian stallions and English mares
4 a pedigreed animal of unmixed lineage; used especially of horses
5 having a list of ancestors as proof of being a purebred animal
6 A purebred or pedigreed animal, especially a horse.
7 Any of a breed of horses, bred chiefly for racing, originating from a cross between Arabian stallions and English mares.
8 A well-bred person.
9 Bred of pure stock; purebred.
10 Relating or belonging to horses of the Thoroughbred.
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