We have put together a list of words that are similar to TRAVERSE.

20 Alternative Words Similar to traverse

1 Beam Noun      Synonym Words Like Beam
2 Travel Noun      Synonym Words Like Travel
3 Traveling Noun      Synonym Words Like Traveling
4 Travelling Noun      Synonym Words Like Travelling
5 Track Verb      Synonym Words Like Track
6 Cover Verb      Synonym Words Like Cover
7 Cross Verb      Synonym Words Like Cross
8 Sweep Verb      Synonym Words Like Sweep
9 Deny Verb      Synonym Words Like Deny
10 Continue Verb      Synonym Words Like Continue
11 Extend Verb      Synonym Words Like Extend
12 Pass Verb      Synonym Words Like Pass
13 Turning Noun      Synonym Words Like Turning
14 Course Verb      Hyponym Words Like Course
15 Jaywalk Verb      Hyponym
16 Take Verb      Hyponym Words Like Take
17 Drive Verb      Hyponym Words Like Drive
18 Crisscross Verb      Hyponym Words Like Crisscross
19 Walk Verb      Hyponym Words Like Walk
20 Tramp Verb      Hyponym Words Like Tramp

6 examples of traverse

1 paths cut with traverse trenches
2 to traverse the habitable globe
3 to traverse a cannon
4 to traverse a board
5 The parking lot spans 3 acres
6 The novel spans three centuries

10 definitions of traverse

1 Lying across; being in a direction across something else.
2 Athwart; across; crosswise.
3 Anything that traverses, or crosses.
4 Something that thwarts, crosses, or obstructs; a cross accident; as, he would have succeeded, had it not been for unlucky traverses not under his control.
5 A barrier, sliding door, movable screen, curtain, or the like.
6 A gallery or loft of communication from side to side of a church or other large building.
7 A work thrown up to intercept an enfilade, or reverse fire, along exposed passage, or line of work.
8 A formal denial of some matter of fact alleged by the opposite party in any stage of the pleadings. The technical words introducing a traverse are absque hoc, without this; that is, without this which follows.
9 The zigzag course or courses made by a ship in passing from one place to another; a compound course.
10 A line lying across a figure or other lines; a transversal.
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