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10 Alternative Words Similar to writ

1 Instrument Noun      Synonym Words Like Instrument
2 Write      Variant Words Like Write
3 Writing Noun      Synonym Words Like Writing
4 Warrant Noun      Hyponym Words Like Warrant
5 Certiorari Noun      Hyponym
6 Mandamus Noun      Hyponym
7 Assize Noun      Hyponym
8 Summons Noun      Hyponym Words Like Summons
9 Process Noun      Hyponym Words Like Process
10 Subpoena Noun      Hyponym Words Like Subpoena

2 examples of writ

1 sacred writ
2 a writ of entry, of error, of execution, of injunction, of mandamus, of return, of summons, and the like

10 definitions of writ

1 3d pers. sing. pres. of write, for writeth.
2 imp. & p. p. of write.
3 That which is written; writing; scripture; -- applied especially to the Scriptures, or the books of the Old and New testaments.
4 An instrument in writing, under seal, in an epistolary form, issued from the proper authority, commanding the performance or nonperformance of some act by the person to whom it is directed.
5 (law) a legal document issued by a court or judicial officer
6 Law A written order issued by a court, commanding the party to whom it is addressed to perform or cease performing a specified act.
7 Writings: holy writ.
8 A past tense and a past participle of write.
9 That which is written; a writing: used especially of the Bible, with holy or sacred, often capitalized as a title.
10 In law, a precept under seal, in the name of the people, or the sovereign, or other competent legal authority, commanding the officer or other person to whom it is addressed or issued to do or refrain from doing some specified act.
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