Words Like AID

We have put together a list of words that are similar to AID.

43 Alternative Words Similar to aid

1 Assistance Noun      Synonym Words Like Assistance
2 Help Noun      Synonym Words Like Help
3 Assist Noun      Synonym Words Like Assist
4 Care Noun      Synonym Words Like Care
5 Attention Noun      Synonym Words Like Attention
6 Tending Noun      Synonym Words Like Tending
7 Activity Noun      Synonym Words Like Activity
8 Gift Noun      Synonym Words Like Gift
9 Resource Noun      Synonym Words Like Resource
10 Work Noun      Synonym Words Like Work
11 Better Verb      Synonym Words Like Better
12 Support Verb      Synonym Words Like Support
13 Aiding Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Aiding
14 Relief Noun      Synonym Words Like Relief
15 Helper Noun      Synonym Words Like Helper
16 Assistant Noun      Synonym Words Like Assistant
17 Philanthropy Noun      Hyponym
18 Grant Noun      Hyponym Words Like Grant
19 Welfare Noun      Hyponym Words Like Welfare
20 Traineeship Noun      Hyponym
21 Serve Verb      Hyponym Words Like Serve
22 Bootstrap Verb      Hyponym
23 Attend Verb      Hyponym Words Like Attend
24 Benefact Verb      Hyponym
25 Ease Verb      Hyponym Words Like Ease
26 Hasten Verb      Hyponym Words Like Hasten
27 Subserve Verb      Hyponym
28 Treatment Noun      Hyponym Words Like Treatment
29 Skincare Noun      Hyponym Words Like Skincare
30 Babysitting Noun      Hyponym Words Like Babysitting
31 Healthcare Noun      Hyponym Words Like Healthcare
32 Nourishment Noun      Hyponym Words Like Nourishment
33 Manicure Noun      Hyponym Words Like Manicure
34 Pedicure Noun      Hyponym Words Like Pedicure
35 Nursing Noun      Hyponym Words Like Nursing
36 Nurturance Noun      Hyponym Words Like Nurturance
37 Encouragement Noun      Hyponym Words Like Encouragement
38 Facilitation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Facilitation
39 Hand Noun      Hyponym Words Like Hand
40 Comfort Noun      Hyponym Words Like Comfort
41 Service Noun      Hyponym Words Like Service
42 Lift Noun      Hyponym Words Like Lift
43 Benefit Verb      Hyponym Words Like Benefit

7 examples of aid

1 a general's aid
2 She never helps around the house
3 Can you help me carry this table?
4 the old car needs constant attention
5 could not walk without assistance
6 rescue party went to their aid
7 offered his help in unloading

10 definitions of aid

1 To support, either by furnishing strength or means in coöperation to effect a purpose, or to prevent or to remove evil; to help; to assist.
2 Help; succor; assistance; relief.
3 The person or thing that promotes or helps in something done; a helper; an assistant.
4 A subsidy granted to the king by Parliament; also, an exchequer loan.
5 A pecuniary tribute paid by a vassal to his lord on special occasions.
6 An aid-de-camp, so called by abbreviation.
7 money to support a worthy person or cause
8 give help or assistance; be of service
9 the work of providing treatment for or attending to someone or something
10 the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose
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