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1 Man Noun      Synonym Words Like Man
2 Live Verb      Synonym Words Like Live

10 definitions of bachelor

1 Formerly, a person in the first or probationary stage of knighthood; a knight not powerful enough to display his banner in the field, and who therefore followed the banner of another; a knight of low rank. See knight bachelor, under knight.
2 In universities and colleges: Before the fifteenth century, a young man in apprenticeship for the degree of master in one of the higher faculties, that is, of theology, law, or medicine. In modern use, a person who has taken the first degree (baccalaureate) in the liberal arts and sciences, or in divinity, law, medicine, etc., at a college or university: as, a bachelor of arts; a bachelor of science. See baccalaureate.
3 A man of any age who has not been married.
4 A woman who has not been married.
5 In London livery companies, a person not yet admitted to the livery. A local name in the United States of a fish, Pomoxis annularis, of the Mississippi valley; a crappie.
6 Sometimes incorrectly spelled batchelor.
7 One of the young male furseals which are forced, through fear of the adult bulls, to herd by themselves at a distance from the breeding-grounds.
8 A man who is socially regarded as able to marry, but has not yet.
9 The first or lowest academical degree conferred by universities and colleges; a bachelor's degree.
10 Someone who has achieved a bachelor's degree.
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