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1 Stay Noun      Synonym Words Like Stay

10 definitions of backstay

1 In printing, a strap of leather used to check the carriage of a printing-press.
2 In coal-mining, a forked bar of wrought-iron attached to the back of the mine-car when ascending an inclined plane, for the purpose of stopping the car in case of accident.
3 A rod extending from the perch to the outer end of the rear axle of a carriage.
4 One of the flaps of a carriage-top.
5 In purchase-shears, a powerful spring placed at the back of the moving blade to keep the two cutting edges in contact.
6 In metal-turning, an adjustable support for any very long or slender article.
7 pl. Naut., long ropes extending backward from the heads of all masts above the lower mast and fastened on each side of the ship to the chain-plates, serving to support the masts.
8 In mining, an inclined strut or brace of a shaft-head frame, designed to resist the pull of the hoisting-engine.
9 A part of the rigging of a sailing ship extending from masthead the top of the mast to the back of the ship; they support the strain on all upper masts and provide additional support to the shrouds when the wind is abaft the beam.
10 a stay that supports the back of something
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