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1 Whalebone Noun      Synonym Words Like Whalebone

8 definitions of baleen

1 Plates or blades of “whalebone,” from two to twelve feet long, and sometimes a foot wide, which in certain whales (Balænoidea) are attached side by side along the upper jaw, and form a fringelike sieve by which the food is retained in the mouth.
2 a horny material from the upper jaws of certain whales; used as the ribs of fans or as stays in corsets
3 See whalebone.
4 A whale.
5 The sea-bream.
6 Whalebone in its natural state: a name given by whale-fishers.
7 The plates in the mouth of the baleen whale, Mysticeti, which it uses to trap its food; formerly used in corsetry
8 a baleen whale
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