Words Like BALLING

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12 Alternative Words Similar to balling

1 Ball Noun      Synonym Words Like Ball
2 Formal Noun      Synonym Words Like Formal
3 Dance Noun      Synonym Words Like Dance
4 Delivery Noun      Synonym Words Like Delivery
5 Pitch Noun      Synonym Words Like Pitch
6 Shot Noun      Synonym Words Like Shot
7 Sphere Noun      Synonym Words Like Sphere
8 Structure Noun      Synonym Words Like Structure
9 Toy Noun      Synonym Words Like Toy
10 Roll Verb      Synonym Words Like Roll
11 Wind Verb      Synonym Words Like Wind
12 Wrap Verb      Synonym Words Like Wrap

6 definitions of balling

1 The act or process of making into balls; the act of assuming the form of a ball; specifically, in the process of puddling, the forming of the iron into balls or rounded masses of a size convenient for handling.
2 The frequenting of balls; dancing.
3 In the manufacture of soda, the firing, working back and forth, and discharging of the black-ash mixture. See ball, 25.
4 In textile-bleaching and -coloring, the collecting of the material into balls, to the detriment of the process. It occurs most frequently in loose cotton or wool.
5 In the process of nuclear development, the fusing of two or more nuclei into one.
6 Present participle of ball.
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