We have put together a list of words that are similar to BANGTAIL.

7 Alternative Words Similar to bangtail

1 Racehorse Noun      Synonym Words Like Racehorse
2 Pacesetter Noun      Hyponym
3 Pacer Noun      Hyponym
4 Pacemaker Noun      Hyponym
5 Thoroughbred Noun      Hyponym Words Like Thoroughbred
6 Mudder Noun      Hyponym
7 Trotter Noun      Hyponym

9 definitions of bangtail

1 a horse bred for racing.
2 a horse bred for racing
3 A racehorse.
4 A detachable extension to the back of an envelope, having a perforated edge and special marketing information or an order form on it.
5 A tail which has been banged, or cut horizontally across; also, an animal with a banged or docked tail.
6 A tail of a horse or cow, allowed to grow out and then trimmed horizontally so as to form a tassel; a horse or cow having such a tail.
7 A prostitute.
8 An envelope with a perforated flap on which promotional material is printed; the flap on such an envelope.
9 To shear off the hair horizontally at the end of a cow or horse's tail.
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