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4 Alternative Words Similar to baptize

1 Baptise Verb      Synonym Words Like Baptise
2 Christen Verb      Synonym Words Like Christen
3 Call Verb      Synonym Words Like Call
4 Name Verb      Synonym Words Like Name

8 definitions of baptize

1 To administer the rite of baptism to. See baptism.
2 To christen; name; denominate: with allusion to the naming of infants at baptism.
3 Sometimes spelled baptise.
4 To sprinkle or pour water over, or to immerse in water, as a spiritual cleansing process in the rite of Christian baptism.
5 To dedicate or christen.
6 Of rum, brandy, or any other spirits, to dilute with water.
7 To ensure proper burning of a joint by moistening the exterior with saliva.
8 administer baptism to
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