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3 Alternative Words Similar to cairn

1 Mark Noun      Synonym Words Like Mark
2 Marker Noun      Synonym Words Like Marker
3 Marking Noun      Synonym Words Like Marking

6 definitions of cairn

1 A heap of stones; especially, one of a class of large heaps of stones common in Great Britain, particularly in Scotland and Wales, and generally of a conical form.
2 A rounded or conical heap of stones erected by early inhabitants of the British Isles, apparently as a sepulchral monument.
3 A pile of stones heaped up as a landmark, to guide travelers on land or at sea, or to arrest attention, as in surveying, or in leaving traces of an exploring party, etc.
4 A cairn terrier.
5 a mound of stones piled up as a memorial or to mark a boundary or path
6 small rough-haired breed of terrier from Scotland
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