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1 Heat Verb      Synonym Words Like Heat

10 definitions of calcine

1 To convert into lime or calx by the action of heat; treat (limestone) by the process of calcination for the formation of lime.
2 To oxidize, as a metal, by heating.
3 In metallurgy, to subject to the action of heat, with access of air: nearly equivalent to roast (which see).
4 To be converted into a powder or friable substance, or into a calx, by the action of heat.
5 To consume by burning; burn to ashes.
6 To purify or refine by fire.
7 To desiccate by subjection to heat so as to destroy contained organisms, etc.: as, to calcine air.
8 Fragments of already burnt fire-clay vessels, as the saggars of porcelain manufacture, ground up and used in making new vessels, with addition of fresh fire-clay. Also chamotte.
9 to heat something without melting in order to drive off water etc., and to decompose carbonates into oxides or to oxidize or reduce it; especially to heat limestone to form quicklime
10 to undergo such heating
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