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7 Alternative Words Similar to calve

1 Divide Verb      Synonym Words Like Divide
2 Part Verb      Synonym Words Like Part
3 Separate Verb      Synonym Words Like Separate
4 Bear Verb      Hypernym Words Like Bear
5 Birth Verb      Hypernym Words Like Birth
6 Have Verb      Hypernym Words Like Have
7 Deliver Verb      Hypernym Words Like Deliver

9 definitions of calve

1 To bring forth a calf or calves: sometimes used contemptuously of human beings, and by Milton of the earth at the creation of cattle, etc.
2 To become separated from or lose a portion of itself: said of a glacier when icebergs are broken off from it.
3 To become detached and fall inward, as earth or rock from the walls of a cutting: with in. Now cave in.
4 To give birth to, as a cow to a calf; bring forth.
5 To give birth to a calf.
6 To assist the giving of birth of a calf.
7 To break off or shed a large piece.
8 birth
9 release ice
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