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5 Alternative Words Similar to canalization

1 Canalisation Noun      Synonym Words Like Canalisation
2 Channelization Noun      Synonym
3 Channelisation Noun      Synonym
4 Direction Noun      Synonym Words Like Direction
5 Production Noun      Synonym Words Like Production

7 definitions of canalization

1 Alternative spelling of canalisation.
2 The construction of canals, or the establishment of communication by means of canals.
3 Specifically The conversion of a natural stream or a chain of lakes or marshes into a continuous canal, suitable for navigation, by means of weirs, barrages, locks, short cuttings, etc, Canalized rivers are common in France; in the United States the Monongahela and Kanawha rivers afford instances. The Suez canal is in part the result of the canalization of natural bodies of water. Also spelled canalisation.
4 In neurology, figuratively, the formation or opening of a path of nervous conduction or nervous discharge.
5 In surgery, drainage by means of artificially formed channels without the insertion of tubes.
6 management through specified channels of communication
7 the production of a canal or a conversion to canals
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