Words Like DAINTY

We have put together a list of words that are similar to DAINTY.

28 Alternative Words Similar to dainty

1 Nice Adjective      Synonym Words Like Nice
2 Refined Adjective      Similar Words Like Refined
3 Tasty Adjective      Similar Words Like Tasty
4 Delicacy Noun      Synonym Words Like Delicacy
5 Goody Noun      Synonym Words Like Goody
6 Kickshaw Noun      Synonym Words Like Kickshaw
7 Treat Noun      Synonym Words Like Treat
8 Aliment Noun      Synonym Words Like Aliment
9 Alimentation Noun      Synonym Words Like Alimentation
10 Nourishment Noun      Synonym Words Like Nourishment
11 Nutriment Noun      Synonym Words Like Nutriment
12 Nutrition Noun      Synonym Words Like Nutrition
13 Sustenance Noun      Synonym Words Like Sustenance
14 Victuals Noun      Synonym Words Like Victuals
15 Value Noun      Synonym Words Like Value
16 Estimation Noun      Synonym Words Like Estimation
17 Valuable Adjective      Synonym Words Like Valuable
18 Toothsome Adjective      Synonym Words Like Toothsome
19 Neat Adjective      Synonym Words Like Neat
20 Tender Adjective      Synonym Words Like Tender
21 Ceremonious Adjective      Synonym Words Like Ceremonious
22 Titbit Noun      Hyponym Words Like Titbit
23 Savoury Noun      Hyponym Words Like Savoury
24 Tidbit Noun      Hyponym Words Like Tidbit
25 Sweet Noun      Hyponym Words Like Sweet
26 Savory Noun      Hyponym Words Like Savory
27 Confection Noun      Hyponym Words Like Confection
28 Marrow Noun      Hyponym Words Like Marrow

2 examples of dainty

1 an exquisite cameo
2 so squeamish he would only touch the toilet handle with his elbow

10 definitions of dainty

1 Value; estimation; the gratification or pleasure taken in anything.
2 That which is delicious or delicate; a delicacy.
3 A term of fondness.
4 Rare; valuable; costly.
5 Delicious to the palate; toothsome.
6 Nice; delicate; elegant, in form, manner, or breeding; well-formed; neat; tender.
7 Requiring dainties. Hence: Overnice; hard to please; fastidious; squeamish; scrupulous; ceremonious.
8 especially pleasing to the taste
9 something considered choice to eat
10 delicately beautiful
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