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3 Alternative Words Similar to damnation

1 Denouncement Noun      Synonym Words Like Denouncement
2 Denunciation Noun      Synonym Words Like Denunciation
3 State Noun      Synonym Words Like State

10 definitions of damnation

1 Condemnation; adverse judgment; judicial sentence; doom.
2 [This is the sense in which the word is used in the authorized version of the New Testament: in the revised version, in some passages condemnation (Mat. xxiii. 14; Mark xii. 40), in others judgment (Mat. xxiii. 33; John v. 29; 1 Cor. xi. 29), is substituted for it.]
3 Specifically In theology, condemnation to punishment in the future state; sentence to eternal punishment.
4 Something meriting eternal punishment.
5 The act of censuring or condemning by open disapproval, as by hissing or other expression of disapprobation.
6 Used as a profane expletive.
7 The state of being damned; condemnation; openly expressed disapprobation.
8 Condemnation to everlasting punishment in the future state, or the punishment itself.
9 the state of being condemned to eternal punishment in Hell
10 the act of damning
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