We have put together a list of words that are similar to DAUGHTER.

4 Alternative Words Similar to daughter

1 Girl Noun      Synonym Words Like Girl
2 Boy Noun      Antonym Words Like Boy
3 Son Noun      Antonym Words Like Son
4 Woman Noun      Synonym Words Like Woman

10 definitions of daughter

1 The female offspring of the human species; a female child of any age; -- applied also to the lower animals.
2 A female descendant; a woman.
3 A son's wife; a daughter-in-law.
4 A term of address indicating parental interest.
5 a female human offspring
6 One's female child.
7 A female descendant.
8 A woman considered as if in a relationship of child to parent: a daughter of the nation.
9 One personified or regarded as a female descendant: "Culturally Japan is a daughter of Chinese civilization” ( Edwin O. Reischauer).
10 Physics The immediate product of the radioactive decay of an element.
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