We have put together a list of words that are similar to DEMATERIALIZE.

5 Alternative Words Similar to dematerialize

1 Dematerialise Verb      Synonym Words Like Dematerialise
2 Disappear Verb      Synonym Words Like Disappear
3 Vanish Verb      Synonym Words Like Vanish
4 Materialise Verb      Antonym Words Like Materialise
5 Materialize Verb      Antonym Words Like Materialize

8 definitions of dematerialize

1 To deprive of material or physical qualities or characteristics.
2 become immaterial; disappear
3 To deprive of or lose apparent physical substance; make or become immaterial: Mirrors have the effect of dematerializing a wall. The dry ice seemed to dematerialize as it sublimated.
4 To divest of material qualities or characteristics.
5 In mod. spiritualism, to dissolve and disappear, as alleged, after materialization.
6 Also spelled dematerialise.
7 to disappear by becoming immaterial
8 to cause something to disappear by becoming immaterial
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