Words Like END

We have put together a list of words that are similar to END.

101 Alternative Words Similar to end

1 Ending Noun      Synonym Words Like Ending
2 Last Noun      Synonym Words Like Last
3 Goal Noun      Synonym Words Like Goal
4 Destruction Noun      Synonym Words Like Destruction
5 Death Noun      Synonym Words Like Death
6 Conclusion Noun      Synonym Words Like Conclusion
7 Close Noun      Synonym Words Like Close
8 Closing Noun      Synonym Words Like Closing
9 Remainder Noun      Synonym Words Like Remainder
10 Remnant Noun      Synonym Words Like Remnant
11 Oddment Noun      Synonym Words Like Oddment
12 Bound Noun      Synonym Words Like Bound
13 Boundary Noun      Synonym Words Like Boundary
14 Bounds Noun      Synonym Words Like Bounds
15 Content Noun      Synonym Words Like Content
16 Contribution Noun      Synonym Words Like Contribution
17 Division Noun      Synonym Words Like Division
18 Extremity Noun      Synonym Words Like Extremity
19 Finish Noun      Synonym Words Like Finish
20 Lineman Noun      Synonym Words Like Lineman
21 Part Noun      Synonym Words Like Part
22 Place Noun      Synonym Words Like Place
23 Point Noun      Synonym Words Like Point
24 Section Noun      Synonym Words Like Section
25 Share Noun      Synonym Words Like Share
26 Spot Noun      Synonym Words Like Spot
27 State Noun      Synonym Words Like State
28 Subdivision Noun      Synonym Words Like Subdivision
29 Surface Noun      Synonym Words Like Surface
30 Beginning Noun      Antonym Words Like Beginning
31 Middle Noun      Antonym Words Like Middle
32 Stop Verb      Synonym Words Like Stop
33 Terminate Verb      Synonym Words Like Terminate
34 Cease Verb      Synonym Words Like Cease
35 Alter Verb      Synonym Words Like Alter
36 Be Verb      Synonym Words Like Be
37 Change Verb      Synonym Words Like Change
38 Destroy Verb      Synonym Words Like Destroy
39 Destruct Verb      Synonym Words Like Destruct
40 Modify Verb      Synonym Words Like Modify
41 Begin Verb      Antonym Words Like Begin
42 Termination Noun      Synonym Words Like Termination
43 Limit Noun      Synonym Words Like Limit
44 Issue Noun      Synonym Words Like Issue
45 Consequence Noun      Synonym Words Like Consequence
46 Intention Noun      Synonym Words Like Intention
47 Aim Noun      Synonym Words Like Aim
48 Scrap Noun      Synonym Words Like Scrap
49 Ended Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Ended
50 Endgame Noun      Hyponym Words Like Endgame
51 Homestretch Noun      Hyponym Words Like Homestretch
52 Passing Noun      Hyponym Words Like Passing
53 Expiry Noun      Hyponym Words Like Expiry
54 Finale Noun      Hyponym Words Like Finale
55 Finis Noun      Hyponym Words Like Finis
56 Dying Noun      Hyponym Words Like Dying
57 Expiration Noun      Hyponym Words Like Expiration
58 Period Noun      Hyponym Words Like Period
59 Tail Noun      Hyponym Words Like Tail
60 Terminus Noun      Hyponym Words Like Terminus
61 Objective Noun      Hyponym Words Like Objective
62 Purpose Noun      Hyponym Words Like Purpose
63 Object Noun      Hyponym Words Like Object
64 Intent Noun      Hyponym Words Like Intent
65 Destination Noun      Hyponym Words Like Destination
66 Bourn Noun      Hyponym Words Like Bourn
67 Target Noun      Hyponym Words Like Target
68 Bourne Noun      Hyponym Words Like Bourne
69 Design Noun      Hyponym Words Like Design
70 Decide Verb      Hyponym Words Like Decide
71 Raise Verb      Hyponym Words Like Raise
72 Breakup Verb      Hyponym Words Like Breakup
73 Break Verb      Hyponym Words Like Break
74 Complete Verb      Hyponym Words Like Complete
75 Conclude Verb      Hyponym Words Like Conclude
76 Resolve Verb      Hyponym Words Like Resolve
77 Discontinue Verb      Hyponym Words Like Discontinue
78 Interrupt Verb      Hyponym Words Like Interrupt
79 Extinguish Verb      Hyponym Words Like Extinguish
80 Lift Verb      Hyponym Words Like Lift
81 Adjudicate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Adjudicate
82 Closure Verb      Hyponym Words Like Closure
83 Clôture Verb      Hyponym
84 Settle Verb      Hyponym Words Like Settle
85 Dissolve Verb      Hyponym Words Like Dissolve
86 Adjourn Verb      Hyponym Words Like Adjourn
87 Vanish Verb      Hyponym Words Like Vanish
88 Lapse Verb      Hyponym Words Like Lapse
89 Recess Verb      Hyponym Words Like Recess
90 Climax Verb      Hyponym Words Like Climax
91 Disappear Verb      Hyponym Words Like Disappear
92 Go Verb      Hyponym Words Like Go
93 Epilogue Noun      Hyponym Words Like Epilogue
94 Epilog Noun      Hyponym Words Like Epilog
95 Yardarm Noun      Hyponym Words Like Yardarm
96 Telomere Noun      Hyponym Words Like Telomere
97 Endpoint Noun      Hyponym Words Like Endpoint
98 Tip Noun      Hyponym Words Like Tip
99 Bitthead Noun      Hyponym Words Like Bitthead
100 Pole Noun      Hyponym Words Like Pole
101 Railhead Noun      Hyponym Words Like Railhead

10 examples of end

1 the end of a field, line, pole, road; the end of a year, of a discourse; put an end to pain
2 to labor for private or public ends
3 odds and ends
4 to end a speech
5 the letter k ends the word back
6 a voyage ends; life ends; winter ends.
7 Start at the beginning and go on until you come to the end
8 I had to miss the last of the movie
9 the ending of warranty period
10 The attack on Poland terminated the relatively peaceful period after WW I

10 definitions of end

1 The extreme or last point or part of any material thing considered lengthwise (the extremity of breadth being side); hence, extremity, in general; the concluding part; termination; close; limit; ; -- opposed to beginning, when used of anything having a first part.
2 Point beyond which no procession can be made; conclusion; issue; result, whether successful or otherwise; conclusive event; consequence.
3 Termination of being; death; destruction; extermination; also, cause of death or destruction.
4 The object aimed at in any effort considered as the close and effect of exertion; ppurpose; intention; aim.
5 That which is left; a remnant; a fragment; a scrap.
6 One of the yarns of the worsted warp in a Brussels carpet.
7 To bring to an end or conclusion; to finish; to close; to terminate.
8 To form or be at the end of.
9 To destroy; to put to death.
10 To come to the ultimate point; to be finished; to come to a close; to cease; to terminate
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