Words Like FAILING

We have put together a list of words that are similar to FAILING.

6 Alternative Words Similar to failing

1 Unsuccessful Adjective      Similar Words Like Unsuccessful
2 Failure Noun      Synonym Words Like Failure
3 Passing Noun      Antonym Words Like Passing
4 Lapse Noun      Synonym Words Like Lapse
5 Fault Noun      Synonym Words Like Fault
6 Fatigue Noun      Hyponym Words Like Fatigue

2 examples of failing

1 a mental failing
2 he got two flunks on his report

10 definitions of failing

1 A failing short; a becoming deficient; failure; deficiency; imperfection; weakness; lapse; fault; infirmity.
2 The act of becoming insolvent of bankrupt.
3 below acceptable in performance
4 a flaw or weak point
5 failure to reach a minimum required performance
6 The act of a person or thing that fails; a failure.
7 A minor fault.
8 Undergoing failure: failing health; failing kidneys; a failing business.
9 In the absence of; without: Failing new evidence, the case will surely be lost.
10 The act or condition of one who fails; imperfection; weakness; fault.
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