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2 Alternative Words Similar to falsetto

1 High Adjective      Similar Words Like High
2 Voice Noun      Variant Words Like Voice

9 definitions of falsetto

1 A false or artificial voice; that voice in a man which lies above his natural voice; the male counter tenor or alto voice. See Head voice, under voice.
2 artificially high; above the normal voice range
3 a male singing voice with artificially high tones in an upper register
4 A male voice in an upper register beyond its normal range.
5 One who sings or talks in this register.
6 The highest or smallest register or quality in both male and female voices: so called because in its untrained state it is more or less unnatural and forced, and because at best it is usually intractable.
7 Having the quality and compass of the falsetto.
8 Assumed; constrained; unnaturally high-pitched; false.
9 The "false" (singing) voice in any human, usually airy and lacking a purity of vowels; created by utilizing the next highest vocal folds above those used for speech and normal range singing. It is commonly confused with the Head Voice register.
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