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3 Alternative Words Similar to fascia

1 Facia Noun      Synonym Words Like Facia
2 Aponeurosis Noun      Synonym Words Like Aponeurosis
3 Board Noun      Hypernym Words Like Board

10 definitions of fascia

1 A band, sash, or fillet; especially, in surgery, a bandage or roller.
2 A flat member of an order or building, like a flat band or broad fillet; especially, one of the three bands which make up the architrave, in the Ionic order. See Illust. of Column.
3 The layer of loose tissue, often containing fat, immediately beneath the skin; the stronger layer of connective tissue covering and investing all muscles; an aponeurosis.
4 A broad well-defined band of color.
5 instrument panel on an automobile or airplane containing dials and controls
6 a sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue separating or binding together muscles and organs etc
7 Anatomy A sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue enveloping, separating, or binding together muscles, organs, and other soft structures of the body.
8 A broad and distinct band of color.
9 Architecture A flat horizontal band or member between moldings, especially in a classical entablature.
10 Chiefly British The dashboard of a motor vehicle.
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