Words Like FAST

We have put together a list of words that are similar to FAST.

29 Alternative Words Similar to fast

1 Degraded Adjective      Synonym Words Like Degraded
2 Flying Adjective      Synonym Words Like Flying
3 Quick Adjective      Synonym Words Like Quick
4 Firm Adjective      Synonym Words Like Firm
5 Slow Adjective      Antonym Words Like Slow
6 Blistering Adjective      Similar Words Like Blistering
7 Express Adjective      Similar Words Like Express
8 Faithful Adjective      Similar Words Like Faithful
9 Fleet Adjective      Similar Words Like Fleet
10 Hot Adjective      Similar Words Like Hot
11 Immediate Adjective      Similar Words Like Immediate
12 Instant Adjective      Similar Words Like Instant
13 Instantaneous Adjective      Similar Words Like Instantaneous
14 Prompt Adjective      Similar Words Like Prompt
15 Smart Adjective      Similar Words Like Smart
16 Smooth Adjective      Similar Words Like Smooth
17 Straightaway Adjective      Similar Words Like Straightaway
18 Tight Adverb      Synonym Words Like Tight
19 Abstinence Noun      Synonym Words Like Abstinence
20 Abstain Verb      Synonym Words Like Abstain
21 Desist Verb      Synonym Words Like Desist
22 Refrain Verb      Synonym Words Like Refrain
23 Fasted Verb-intransitive      Form Words Like Fasted
24 Permanent Adjective      Synonym Words Like Permanent
25 Lasting Adjective      Synonym Words Like Lasting
26 Deep Adjective      Synonym Words Like Deep
27 Sound Adjective      Synonym Words Like Sound
28 Quickly Adverb      Synonym Words Like Quickly
29 Swiftly Adverb      Synonym Words Like Swiftly

10 examples of fast

1 an annual fast
2 to make fast the door
3 a fast friend
4 fast colors
5 a fast horse
6 a fast man; a fast liver.
7 a fast racket, or tennis court; a fast track; a fast billiard table, etc.
8 to run fast; to live fast.
9 on the fast track in school
10 set a fast pace

10 definitions of fast

1 To abstain from food; to omit to take nourishment in whole or in part; to go hungry.
2 To practice abstinence as a religious exercise or duty; to abstain from food voluntarily for a time, for the mortification of the body or appetites, or as a token of grief, or humiliation and penitence.
3 Abstinence from food; omission to take nourishment.
4 Voluntary abstinence from food, for a space of time, as a spiritual discipline, or as a token of religious humiliation.
5 A time of fasting, whether a day, week, or longer time; a period of abstinence from food or certain kinds of food.
6 Firmly fixed; closely adhering; made firm; not loose, unstable, or easily moved; immovable.
7 Firm against attack; fortified by nature or art; impregnable; strong.
8 Firm in adherence; steadfast; not easily separated or alienated; faithful.
9 Permanent; not liable to fade by exposure to air or by washing; durable; lasting.
10 Tenacious; retentive.
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