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2 Alternative Words Similar to fauces

1 Passage Noun      Synonym Words Like Passage
2 Passageway Noun      Synonym Words Like Passageway

10 definitions of fauces

1 The narrow passage from the mouth to the pharynx, situated between the soft palate and the base of the tongue; -- called also the isthmus of the fauces. On either side of the passage two membranous folds, called the pillars of the fauces, inclose the tonsils.
2 The throat of a calyx, corolla, etc.
3 That portion of the interior of a spiral shell which can be seen by looking into the aperture.
4 the passage between the back of the mouth and the pharynx
5 The passage from the back of the mouth to the pharynx, bounded by the soft palate, the base of the tongue, and the palatine arches.
6 The throat or gullet.
7 In anatomy, specifically, the back part of the mouth, leading into the pharynx; the passage from the buccal cavity proper to the cavity of the pharynx, overhung by the soft palate, and bounded on each side by the pillars of the soft palate. [The word has no singular, and is used chiefly in the two phrases given below.]
8 In conchology, that part of the cavity of the first chamber of a shell which may be seen by looking in at the aperture.
9 In botany, the opening or throat of the tube of a gamopetalous corolla.
10 In ancient Roman building, a passage in a house, especially that leading from the first vestibule to the atrium or first court. It is disputed whether the term is ever used for inner passages.
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