Words Like GARB

We have put together a list of words that are similar to GARB.

28 Alternative Words Similar to garb

1 Dress Noun      Synonym Words Like Dress
2 Clothing Noun      Synonym Words Like Clothing
3 Habiliment Noun      Synonym Words Like Habiliment
4 Vesture Noun      Synonym Words Like Vesture
5 Wear Noun      Synonym Words Like Wear
6 Wearable Noun      Synonym Words Like Wearable
7 Clothe Verb      Synonym Words Like Clothe
8 Enclothe Verb      Synonym Words Like Enclothe
9 Raiment Verb      Synonym Words Like Raiment
10 Tog Verb      Synonym Words Like Tog
11 Garment Verb      Synonym Words Like Garment
12 Habilitate Verb      Synonym Words Like Habilitate
13 Apparel Verb      Synonym Words Like Apparel
14 Turn Verb      Synonym Words Like Turn
15 Fashion Noun      Synonym Words Like Fashion
16 Looks Noun      Synonym Words Like Looks
17 Array Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Array
18 Sportswear Noun      Hyponym
19 Outfit Noun      Hyponym Words Like Outfit
20 Formalwear Noun      Hyponym Words Like Formalwear
21 Habit Noun      Hyponym Words Like Habit
22 Activewear Noun      Hyponym
23 Finery Noun      Hyponym Words Like Finery
24 Eveningwear Noun      Hyponym Words Like Eveningwear
25 Underdress Verb      Hyponym
26 Cover Verb      Hyponym Words Like Cover
27 Gown Verb      Hyponym Words Like Gown
28 Coat Verb      Hyponym Words Like Coat

3 examples of garb

1 the garb of a clergyman or a judge
2 the garb of a gentleman in the 16th century
3 battle dress

10 definitions of garb

1 Clothing in general.
2 The whole dress or suit of clothes worn by any person, especially when indicating rank or office.
3 Costume; fashion.
4 External appearance, as expressive of the feelings or character; looks; fashion or manner, as of speech.
5 A sheaf of grain (wheat, unless otherwise specified).
6 To clothe; array; deck.
7 clothing of a distinctive style or for a particular occasion
8 provide with clothes or put clothes on
9 A distinctive style or form of clothing; dress: clerical garb.
10 An outward appearance; a guise: presented their radical ideas in the garb of moderation.
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