Words Like GRADE

We have put together a list of words that are similar to GRADE.

57 Alternative Words Similar to grade

1 Class Noun      Synonym Words Like Class
2 Form Noun      Synonym Words Like Form
3 Level Noun      Synonym Words Like Level
4 Gradation Noun      Synonym Words Like Gradation
5 Mark Noun      Synonym Words Like Mark
6 Score Noun      Synonym Words Like Score
7 Degree Noun      Synonym Words Like Degree
8 Assemblage Noun      Synonym Words Like Assemblage
9 Elevation Noun      Synonym Words Like Elevation
10 Evaluation Noun      Synonym Words Like Evaluation
11 Gathering Noun      Synonym Words Like Gathering
12 Gradient Noun      Synonym Words Like Gradient
13 Property Noun      Synonym Words Like Property
14 Rank Noun      Synonym Words Like Rank
15 Rating Noun      Synonym Words Like Rating
16 Slope Noun      Synonym Words Like Slope
17 Valuation Noun      Synonym Words Like Valuation
18 Rate Verb      Synonym Words Like Rate
19 Range Verb      Synonym Words Like Range
20 Order Verb      Synonym Words Like Order
21 Place Verb      Synonym Words Like Place
22 Appraise Verb      Synonym Words Like Appraise
23 Assess Verb      Synonym Words Like Assess
24 Assort Verb      Synonym Words Like Assort
25 Classify Verb      Synonym Words Like Classify
26 Evaluate Verb      Synonym Words Like Evaluate
27 Even Verb      Synonym Words Like Even
28 Flush Verb      Synonym Words Like Flush
29 Judge Verb      Synonym Words Like Judge
30 Measure Verb      Synonym Words Like Measure
31 Separate Verb      Synonym Words Like Separate
32 Sort Verb      Synonym Words Like Sort
33 Valuate Verb      Synonym Words Like Valuate
34 Value Verb      Synonym Words Like Value
35 Upgrade Verb      Hyponym Words Like Upgrade
36 Superordinate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Superordinate
37 Shortlist Verb      Hyponym Words Like Shortlist
38 Sequence Verb      Hyponym Words Like Sequence
39 Prioritize Verb      Hyponym Words Like Prioritize
40 Seed Verb      Hyponym Words Like Seed
41 Prioritise Verb      Hyponym Words Like Prioritise
42 Subordinate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Subordinate
43 Reorder Verb      Hyponym Words Like Reorder
44 Rise Noun      Hyponym Words Like Rise
45 Gcse Noun      Hyponym
46 Intensity Noun      Hyponym Words Like Intensity
47 Calibre Noun      Hyponym Words Like Calibre
48 Depth Noun      Hyponym Words Like Depth
49 Caliber Noun      Hyponym Words Like Caliber
50 Quality Noun      Hyponym Words Like Quality
51 High Noun      Hyponym Words Like High
52 Low Noun      Hyponym Words Like Low
53 Section Noun      Hyponym Words Like Section
54 Percentile Noun      Hyponym Words Like Percentile
55 Decile Noun      Hyponym Words Like Decile
56 Centile Noun      Hyponym Words Like Centile
57 Quartile Noun      Hyponym Words Like Quartile

9 examples of grade

1 grades of military rank; crimes of every grade; grades of flour.
2 a heavy grade
3 The restaurant is rated highly in the food guide
4 score the SAT essays
5 mark homework
6 it is all a matter of degree
7 a high level of care is required
8 what was your score on your homework?
9 grade A milk

10 definitions of grade

1 A step or degree in any series, rank, quality, order; relative position or standing
2 The rate of ascent or descent; gradient; deviation from a level surface to an inclined plane; -- usually stated as so many feet per mile, or as one foot rise or fall in so many of horizontal distance; ; a grade of twenty feet per mile, or of 1 in 264.
3 A graded ascending, descending, or level portion of a road; a gradient.
4 The result of crossing a native stock with some better breed. If the crossbreed have more than three fourths of the better blood, it is called high grade.
5 To arrange in order, steps, or degrees, according to size, quality, rank, etc.
6 To reduce to a level, or to an evenly progressive ascent, as the line of a canal or road.
7 To cross with some better breed; to improve the blood of.
8 a degree of ablaut
9 assign a rank or rating to
10 the gradient of a slope or road or other surface
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