Words Like HALFWAY

We have put together a list of words that are similar to HALFWAY.

8 Alternative Words Similar to halfway

1 Midway Adjective      Synonym Words Like Midway
2 Center Adjective      Synonym Words Like Center
3 Middle Adjective      Synonym Words Like Middle
4 Central Adjective      Similar Words Like Central
5 Fractional Adjective      Similar Words Like Fractional
6 Intermediate Adjective      Similar Words Like Intermediate
7 Partially Adverb      Synonym Words Like Partially
8 Partial Adjective      Synonym Words Like Partial

3 examples of halfway

1 he halfway yielded
2 at the halfway mark
3 halfway measures

10 definitions of halfway

1 In the middle; at half the distance; imperfectly; partially.
2 Equally distant from the extremes; situated at an intermediate point; midway.
3 partial.
4 including only half or a portion; incomplete.
5 at half the distance; at the middle
6 including only half or a portion
7 equally distant from the extremes
8 at a point midway between two extremes
9 Midway between two points or conditions: a halfway sign on the trail.
10 Reaching or including only half or a portion; partial: halfway measures.
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