We have put together a list of words that are similar to HANDICAP.

36 Alternative Words Similar to handicap

1 Impairment Noun      Synonym Words Like Impairment
2 Hindrance Noun      Synonym Words Like Hindrance
3 Hinderance Noun      Synonym Words Like Hinderance
4 Deterrent Noun      Synonym Words Like Deterrent
5 Impediment Noun      Synonym Words Like Impediment
6 Balk Noun      Synonym Words Like Balk
7 Baulk Noun      Synonym Words Like Baulk
8 Check Noun      Synonym Words Like Check
9 Advantage Noun      Synonym Words Like Advantage
10 Difficulty Noun      Synonym Words Like Difficulty
11 Softness Noun      Synonym Words Like Softness
12 Vantage Noun      Synonym Words Like Vantage
13 Disable Verb      Synonym Words Like Disable
14 Incapacitate Verb      Synonym Words Like Incapacitate
15 Disadvantage Verb      Synonym Words Like Disadvantage
16 Disfavor Verb      Synonym Words Like Disfavor
17 Disfavour Verb      Synonym Words Like Disfavour
18 Injure Verb      Synonym Words Like Injure
19 Wound Verb      Synonym Words Like Wound
20 Obstruction Noun      Hyponym Words Like Obstruction
21 Millstone Noun      Hyponym
22 Albatross Noun      Hyponym
23 Obstacle Noun      Hyponym Words Like Obstacle
24 Bind Noun      Hyponym Words Like Bind
25 Scratch Noun      Hyponym Words Like Scratch
26 Penalty Noun      Hyponym Words Like Penalty
27 Amputation Noun      Hyponym
28 Astasia Noun      Hyponym
29 Anorgasmia Noun      Hyponym
30 Descensus Noun      Hyponym
31 Dysphasia Noun      Hyponym
32 Prolapsus Noun      Hyponym
33 Prolapse Noun      Hyponym
34 Bandyleg Noun      Hyponym
35 Hypesthesia Noun      Hyponym
36 Hypoesthesia Noun      Hyponym

5 examples of handicap

1 the handicap was five seconds, or ten pounds, and the like
2 his deformed leg was a major handicap in walking
3 insufficient capital was a big handicap in competing against Microsoft
4 the candidate was heavily handicapped
5 hearing impairment

10 definitions of handicap

1 An allowance of a certain amount of time or distance in starting, granted in a race to the competitor possessing inferior advantages; or an additional weight or other hindrance imposed upon the one possessing superior advantages, in order to equalize, as much as possible, the chances of success.
2 A race, for horses or men, or any contest of agility, strength, or skill, in which there is an allowance of time, distance, weight, or other advantage, to equalize the chances of the competitors.
3 An old game at cards.
4 a physical or mental disability of the body which makes normal human activities more difficult or impossible.
5 any disadvantage that makes an activity more difficult or impossible.
6 To encumber with a handicap in any contest; hence, in general, to place at disadvantage.
7 attempt to forecast the winner (especially in a horse race) and assign odds for or against a contestant
8 something immaterial that interferes with or delays action or progress
9 put at a disadvantage
10 advantage given to a competitor to equalize chances of winning
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