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3 Alternative Words Similar to harken

1 Hark Verb      Synonym Words Like Hark
2 Hearken Verb      Synonym Words Like Hearken
3 Listen Verb      Synonym Words Like Listen

8 definitions of harken

1 To hearken.
2 listen; used mostly in the imperative
3 Variant of hearken.
4 To listen; lend the ear; attend or give heed to what is uttered; hear with attention, obedience, or compliance.
5 To hear by listening.
6 To hear with attention; regard.
7 Alternative spelling of hearken ‘to listen, hear, regard’, more common form in the US.
8 To hark back, to return or revert (to a subject etc.), to allude to, to evoke, to long or pine for (a past event or era).
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