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3 Alternative Words Similar to karyoplasm

1 Nucleoplasm Noun      Synonym Words Like Nucleoplasm
2 Protoplasm Noun      Synonym Words Like Protoplasm
3 Cytoplasm Noun      Antonym Words Like Cytoplasm

5 definitions of karyoplasm

1 The protoplasmic substance of the nucleus of a cell; nucleoplasm; -- in opposition to cytoplasm, the protoplasm of the cell.
2 the protoplasm that constitutes the nucleus of a cell
3 See nucleoplasm.
4 The substance of which the more definitely formed portions of the nucleus of a cell, including the nuclear wall, the nucleoli, and the intranucleolar network, are composed. The remaining substance of the cell is called the nuclear matrix or nuclear fluid. Also called nucleoplasm.
5 nucleoplasm
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