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2 Alternative Words Similar to labiate

1 Liplike Adjective      Synonym Words Like Liplike
2 Lipped Adjective      Similar Words Like Lipped

10 definitions of labiate

1 To labialize.
2 Having the limb of a tubular corolla or calyx divided into two unequal parts, one projecting over the other like the lips of a mouth, as in the snapdragon, sage, and catnip.
3 Belonging to a natural order of plants (Labiatæ), of which the mint, sage, and catnip are examples. They are mostly aromatic herbs.
4 A plant of the order Labiatæ.
5 having lips or parts that resemble lips
6 Having lips or liplike parts.
7 Botany Having or characterizing flowers with the corolla divided into two liplike parts, as in the snapdragon.
8 Botany Of or belonging to the mint family Labiatae.
9 A plant belonging to the Labiatae.
10 Lipped; having parts which are shaped or arranged like lips.
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