We have put together a list of words that are similar to LACKLUSTER.

4 Alternative Words Similar to lackluster

1 Lacklustre Adjective      Synonym Words Like Lacklustre
2 Lusterless Adjective      Synonym Words Like Lusterless
3 Lustreless Adjective      Synonym Words Like Lustreless
4 Dull Adjective      Similar Words Like Dull

3 examples of lackluster

1 a lackluster performance
2 lusterless hair
3 a lusterless performance

10 definitions of lackluster

1 A lack of luster.
2 Wanting luster or brightness.
3 Lacking spirit, liveliness, or enthusiasm; dull.
4 Mediocre.
5 lacking luster or shine
6 lacking brilliance or vitality
7 Lacking brightness, luster, or vitality; dull. See Synonyms at dull.
8 Wanting luster or brightness; dull; languid; said of the eyes.
9 A want of luster, or that which lacks brightness.
10 Lacking brilliance or intelligence
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