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6 Alternative Words Similar to laconic

1 Crisp Adjective      Synonym Words Like Crisp
2 Curt Adjective      Synonym Words Like Curt
3 Terse Adjective      Synonym Words Like Terse
4 Concise Adjective      Similar Words Like Concise
5 Laconian Adjective      Synonym Words Like Laconian
6 Laconism Noun      Synonym Words Like Laconism

3 examples of laconic

1 the laconic reply; `yes'
2 a response so curt as to be almost rude
3 short and terse and easy to understand

10 definitions of laconic

1 Expressing much in few words, after the manner of the Laconians or Spartans; brief and pithy; concise; brusque; epigrammatic. In this sense laconic is the usual form.
2 Laconian; characteristic of, or like, the Spartans; hence, stern or severe; cruel; unflinching.
3 Laconism.
4 brief and to the point; effectively cut short
5 Using or marked by the use of few words; terse or concise. See Synonyms at silent.
6 Pertaining to Laconia or its inhabitants; Lacedæmonian or Spartan.
7 Expressing much in few words, after the manner of the ancient Laconians; sententious; pithy; short; brief: as, a laconic phrase.
8 Characteristic of the Laconians; inexorable; stern; severe.
9 Synonyms Condensed, Succinct, etc. See concise.
10 Conciseness of language; laconicism.
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