Words Like LAKE

We have put together a list of words that are similar to LAKE.

18 Alternative Words Similar to lake

1 Water Noun      Synonym Words Like Water
2 Play Verb-intransitive      Synonym Words Like Play
3 Sport Verb-intransitive      Synonym Words Like Sport
4 Tarn Noun      Hyponym
5 Eyre Noun      Hyponym
6 Lagoon Noun      Hyponym
7 Lough Noun      Hyponym
8 Ilmen Noun      Hyponym
9 Bayou Noun      Hyponym
10 Laguna Noun      Hyponym
11 Superior Noun      Hyponym Words Like Superior
12 Lagune Noun      Hyponym
13 Reservoir Noun      Hyponym Words Like Reservoir
14 Pool Noun      Hyponym Words Like Pool
15 Ijsselmeer Noun      Hyponym
16 Pond Noun      Hyponym Words Like Pond
17 Loch Noun      Hyponym
18 Caspian Noun      Hyponym

1 examples of lake

1 madder lake; Florentine lake; yellow lake, etc.

10 definitions of lake

1 A pigment formed by combining some coloring matter, usually by precipitation, with a metallic oxide or earth, esp. with aluminium hydrate
2 A kind of fine white linen, formerly in use.
3 To play; to sport.
4 A large body of water contained in a depression of the earth's surface, and supplied from the drainage of a more or less extended area.
5 a purplish red pigment prepared from lac or cochineal
6 a body of (usually fresh) water surrounded by land
7 any of numerous bright translucent organic pigments
8 A large inland body of fresh water or salt water.
9 A scenic pond, as in a park.
10 A large pool of liquid: a lake of spilled coffee on my desk.
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