We have put together a list of words that are similar to LAMINATE.

5 Alternative Words Similar to laminate

1 Cover Verb      Synonym Words Like Cover
2 Create Verb      Synonym Words Like Create
3 Make Verb      Synonym Words Like Make
4 Produce Verb      Synonym Words Like Produce
5 Split Verb      Synonym Words Like Split

10 definitions of laminate

1 To form into a lamina or plate; beat out thin.
2 To form with or into laminæ or layers; divide into plates or leaves: as, a laminating- machine.
3 To part or become divided into laminæ; separate into thin layers or plates: as, mica laminates on exposure to heat.
4 Having the form of a lamina or thin plate; leaf-like: as, the laminate coxæ of some beetles.
5 Disposed in, consisting of, or bearing laminæ, layers, or scales; laminar; scaled; scaly: as, laminate structure in geology; a laminate surface; the laminate tarsi of a bird.
6 To assemble from thin sheets glued together.
7 To cover something flat, usually paper, in adhesive protective plastic.
8 Material formed of thin sheets glued together.
9 a sheet of material made by bonding two or more sheets or layers
10 cover with a thin sheet of non-fabric material
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