We have put together a list of words that are similar to MACKINAW.

7 Alternative Words Similar to mackinaw

1 Blanket Noun      Synonym Words Like Blanket
2 Cloth Noun      Synonym Words Like Cloth
3 Coat Noun      Synonym Words Like Coat
4 Cover Noun      Synonym Words Like Cover
5 Fabric Noun      Synonym Words Like Fabric
6 Material Noun      Synonym Words Like Material
7 Textile Noun      Synonym Words Like Textile

8 definitions of mackinaw

1 A heavy, woolen cloth.
2 A blanket made of wool formerly distributed to the Amerindians by the U.S. government.
3 A cargo boat, with a large flat bottom and sharp ends, formerly used on the Great Lakes and the Missouri River (to a lesser extent, elsewhere).
4 A schooner-rigged boat once used on the Great Lakes.
5 a short plaid coat made of made of thick woolen material
6 a flat-bottomed boat used on upper Great Lakes
7 a thick plaid blanket formerly used in the northwestern United States
8 a heavy woolen cloth heavily napped and felted, often with a plaid design
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