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3 Alternative Words Similar to mackle

1 Impression Noun      Synonym Words Like Impression
2 Printing Noun      Synonym Words Like Printing
3 Macule Noun      Variant Words Like Macule

8 definitions of mackle

1 Same as macule.
2 To blur, or be blurred, in printing, as if there were a double impression.
3 a printed impression that is blurred or doubled
4 A blurred or double impression in printing.
5 To blur or double (a printed impression).
6 To become blurred.
7 A spot; specifically, in printing, a blemish in press-work made by a double impression, or by slipping or scraping, or by a wrinkle in the paper. Also macle, macule.
8 To spot; maculate; blur; especially, in printing, to make a slipped, blurred, or double impression of. Also macule.
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