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5 Alternative Words Similar to macrocosm

1 Universe Noun      Synonym Words Like Universe
2 Existence Noun      Synonym Words Like Existence
3 Creation Noun      Synonym Words Like Creation
4 World Noun      Synonym Words Like World
5 Cosmos Noun      Synonym Words Like Cosmos

1 examples of macrocosm

1 the biggest tree in existence

8 definitions of macrocosm

1 The great world; that part of the universe which is exterior to man; -- contrasted with microcosm, or man. See microcosm.
2 everything that exists anywhere
3 The entire world; the universe.
4 A system reflecting on a large scale one of its component systems or parts.
5 The great world; the universe, or the visible system of worlds: opposed to microcosm, or the little world constituted by man. The conception dates back to Democritus (born 460 b. c.). See microcosm.
6 The entire mass of anything of which man forms a part; the whole of any division of nature or of knowledge.
7 A complex structure, such as a society, considered as a single entity that contains numerous similar, smaller-scale structures.
8 The universe.
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