We have put together a list of words that are similar to MAINTAINER.

5 Alternative Words Similar to maintainer

1 Upholder Noun      Synonym Words Like Upholder
2 Sustainer Noun      Synonym Words Like Sustainer
3 Champion Noun      Synonym Words Like Champion
4 Friend Noun      Synonym Words Like Friend
5 Supporter Noun      Synonym Words Like Supporter

1 examples of maintainer

1 they are sustainers of the idea of democracy

6 definitions of maintainer

1 One who maintains.
2 someone who upholds or maintains
3 One who m aintains, supports, sustains, or upholds. In legal use, maintainor (which see).
4 Someone who keeps or upholds something.
5 A person who does maintenance work.
6 A device used to keep teeth in a given position.
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