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6 Alternative Words Similar to malt

1 Malted Noun      Synonym
2 Grain Noun      Synonym Words Like Grain
3 Lager Noun      Synonym
4 Convert Verb      Synonym Words Like Convert
5 Process Verb      Synonym Words Like Process
6 Treat Verb      Synonym Words Like Treat

10 definitions of malt

1 Grain in which, by partial germination, arrested at the proper stage by heat, the starch is converted into saccharine matter (grape-sugar), the unfermented solution of the latter being the sweetwort of the brewer.
2 Liquor produced from malt, as ale, porter, or beer.
3 Pertaining to, containing, or made with malt.
4 To convert (grain) into malt.
5 To become malt; be converted into malt.
6 To drink malt liquor.
7 An obsolete preterit of melt.
8 Malted grain (sprouted grain) (usually barley), used in brewing and otherwise.
9 Malt liquor, especially malt whisky.
10 Short for "malted milk shake", a milkshake with malted milk powder added for flavor
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