We have put together a list of words that are similar to MANIPULABLE.

5 Alternative Words Similar to manipulable

1 Tractable Adjective      Synonym Words Like Tractable
2 Compliant Adjective      Related Words Like Compliant
3 Manageable Adjective      Related Words Like Manageable
4 Obedient Adjective      Related Words Like Obedient
5 Tame Adjective      Related Words Like Tame

1 examples of manipulable

1 the natives...being...of an intelligent tractable disposition

4 definitions of manipulable

1 easily managed (controlled or taught or molded)
2 Possible to manipulate: a manipulable lever; a manipulable populace.
3 Suitable for, or able to be subjected to manipulation.
4 Gullible or susceptible to persuasion.
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