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4 Alternative Words Similar to manipulation

1 Use Noun      Synonym Words Like Use
2 Influence Noun      Synonym Words Like Influence
3 Touch Noun      Synonym Words Like Touch
4 Touching Noun      Synonym Words Like Touching

1 examples of manipulation

1 the manipulation of political bodies

10 definitions of manipulation

1 The act or process of manipulating, or the state of being manipulated; the act of handling work by hand; use of the hands, in an artistic or skillful manner, in science or art.
2 The use of the hands in mesmeric operations.
3 Artful management; ; sometimes, a management or treatment for purposes of deception or fraud.
4 exerting shrewd or devious influence especially for one's own advantage
5 the action of touching with the hands (or the skillful use of the hands) or by the use of mechanical means
6 The act or practice of manipulating.
7 The state of being manipulated.
8 Shrewd or devious management, especially for one's own advantage.
9 The act or art of manipulating; manual management; manual and mechanical operation of any kind in science or art, specifically, in pharmacy, the preparation of drugs; in chem., the preparation and employment of utensils, apparatus, and reagents in chemical work.
10 Figuratively, the act of operating upon anything by contrivance or influence; management; specifically, insidious management; adjustment or accommodation to one's own purpose or advantage: as, manipulation of voters, figures, or facts.
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