We have put together a list of words that are similar to NARROWLY.

2 Alternative Words Similar to narrowly

1 Broadly Adverb      Antonym Words Like Broadly
2 Closely Adverb      Synonym Words Like Closely

3 examples of narrowly

1 to look or watch narrowly; to search narrowly.
2 he narrowly escaped
3 to interpret narrowly; to construe narrowly; to read narrowly; -- used especially of laws and contracts

10 definitions of narrowly

1 With little breadth; in a narrow manner.
2 Without much extent; contractedly.
3 With minute scrutiny; closely
4 With a little margin or space; by a small distance; hence, closely; hardly; barely; only just; -- often with reference to an avoided danger or misfortune.
5 Sparingly; parsimoniously.
6 With close adherence to the literal meaning of a text.
7 in a narrow manner; not allowing for exceptions
8 With little breadth, extent, or scope; restrictedly as regards breadth or scope.
9 Sparingly; with niggardliness.
10 Closely; with careful or minute scrutiny; attentively; carefully: as, narrowly watched, inspected, or seen.
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