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3 Alternative Words Similar to nationality

1 People Noun      Synonym Words Like People
2 Position Noun      Synonym Words Like Position
3 Status Noun      Synonym Words Like Status

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10 definitions of nationality

1 The fact of being a member of a particular nation; birth and membership in a particular nation; relationship by birth and race to a particular nation: as, the nationality of an immigrant.
2 Relationship as property, etc., to a particular nation, or to one or more of its members: as, the nationality of a ship.
3 The people constituting a particular nation; a nation; a race of people.
4 Separate existence as a nation; national unity and integrity.
5 Nationalism; devotion or strong attachment to one's own nation or country.
6 Membership of a particular nation or state, by origin, birth, naturalization, ownership, allegiance or otherwise.
7 National, i.e. ethnic and/or cultural, character or identity.
8 A people sharing a common origin, culture and/or language, and possibly constituting a nation-state.
9 Political existence, independence or unity as a national entity.
10 Nationalism or patriotism.
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